Mental & Behavioral Health Counseling Services

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What Is Counseling?
How Will I Benefit?


Together, we will determine how to help you propel yourself past your mental and behavioral struggles. From coping mechanisms like prayer and meditation to verbal processing in the face of a difficult situation, I’m here to be a sounding board for success. Premarital, marriage, and relationship Counseling are two-way streets – you must be willing to participate in and to learn from our sessions.


Clinical disorders such as ADHD, eating disorders, depression, and anxiety.

Emotional pain from separation, death, poor health, or other losses.

Sexual problems: dissatisfaction, dysfunction, trauma, and abuse.

Emotional distress: sadness, grief, unrest, or an inability to function in your daily life.

Personal growth and strategies to reach your goals: increase in personal satisfaction.

Relationship issues with a spouse, parent, child, or significant other.